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Neivor Rentals simplifies your tasks as a property manager! With our rental management platform, maximize your results in less time.

Neivor ayuda a administrar tu propiedad desde cualquier lugar

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In this technological age, you can perform effective rental management in less time, save costs, generate higher profits and reduce risks. With our rental property software online it is possible!

¿Por qué contar con un software para
administrar tus rentas?

Eficientiza tu operación y automatiza los procesos de tu sistema de alquiler de departamentos con la conciliación de pagos a través de CLABEs únicas que te van a permitir:
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Pagos puntuales y organizados

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Consulta y distribución de CFDIs

Why have an online rental property management software?

Streamline your operation and automate the processes of online rent payments through unique CLABEs that will allow you:

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Punctual and organized payments

Our property management tools for landlords identifies and reconciles rental payments automatically.

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Consultation and distribution of CFDIs

Meet your tax obligations without worries! Request your tax receipts from the same software, with Neivor you can organize, adjust and share them.

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Elimina errores manuales en la gestión de alquileres


Más tiempo para tareas estratégicas


Ofrece un sistema de gestión innovador

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Eliminate manual errors in rental management.

Having a mobile application will allow you to save time and resources by obtaining effective and precise results.


More time for strategic tasks

Forget repetitive tasks, focus on increasing lease agreements and creating value relationships.


Offers an innovative management system

Be a property manager who is committed to safety and customer support.

Automatic CFDI's in your property management platform

Gain online applications of CFDI’s directly from Neivor. Now you can be in tax compliance without having to invest long hours of work. With Neivor there are features included like:

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Generate your invoices from Neivor in real time

We are the best rental software. We integrate the generation of CFDI's to comply with your tax obligations.

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Modify or cancel your invoices without leaving the platform

Save time in your tasks. With our lease management you will be able to consult and downland your invoices from the same place.


Automatically distribute invoices to your tenants

With a single click, send the corresponding invoices to landlords and tenants, you will be up to date with all your units per month.

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Genera tus facturas en tiempo real

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Modifica o cancela tus facturas sin salir de la plataforma


Envía facturas de forma automática

Rent Payment Software & Tracker for Landlords

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What does property management computer programs do?

Comprueba por ti mismo, como la plataforma tecnológica de Neivor facilita la conexión de tus residentes, la gestión administrativa y la forma de vivir en comunidad.

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Keep rental receipts in order through a unique CLABEorganizes payments

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Comply with your tax obligations easily and quickly through the CFDIs request from the Neivor platform

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Our rental management software is completely reliable since it keeps the information protected and backed by security certificates

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Browse a mobile application with a friendly interface to organize rent tracker for landlords

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Check the balance of rental receipts and maintenance services at any time

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Support of the property management software by a team of specialists in rental administration

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You can access more information about the rental and property management software. Complete the following form to request a free trial of Neivor Rentals.

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Questions about our rental management software?

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Neivor Rentals operates thanks to different technologies. It can identify rental receipts and reconcile payments through CLABE accounts. 

It can also:

  • Send payment reminders
  • Generate invoices
  • Create reports
  • Save information in the cloud
  • Create different contracts per unit
  • Reserve amenities (only for available cases)
  • Control visitor access (only for available cases)

If you are interested in acquiring Neivor Rentals, register your information in the form to request a demo. Once this happens, one of our condo management specialists will contact you as soon as possible.

The technology provided by Neivor is 100% secure. We guarantee the privacy and protection of maintenance fee collections through security certificates. With CLABE accounts for each unit, transparency and order in finances are possible. We conduct ourselves under the current condominium property regime.