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Our mission is to help administrators centralize condominium finances, control amenities, and ensure community safety. All this from our management software.
Administración de condominios
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Benefits of a property management software

Property management software allows:
- Increased collection of maintenance fees
- Minimize costs and save time on manual processes
- Centralize financial information in one place

+ 3,400 condos are already in Neivor,
the best ally of condominium management companies

The administrators who trust Neivor tell us about their experience being part of our condo management software, it’s easy and reliable!

Tenemos el software de administración de
condominios ideal para ti


Diseñado para pequeños y medianos condominios que quieren potencializar su crecimiento profesional.

desde $20 MXN por unidad al mes



Para condominios grandes y/o compañías de administración profesionales que quieren evolucionar sus negocios.

Precio Personalizado

Neivor - office building ico Para la administración de 500 unidades o más.


app administración de Condominios

Condominium property management made easy

Gather your entire team for efficient property management in condos. Monitor work orders through our software and set up your units unlimitedly.

Control Total de los Condominios

Total control

Complete panel for the use and configuration of amenities through the same app to manage condos.

Centralizacion para Administrar Condominios


The most relevant for community life of residents, guards and owners is connected in our condo software.

Gestion Financiera de Condominios de Manera Inteligente


Complete financial management, resolution with analytics and statistical reports that you can consult in the property management software.

Plataforma de Administracion de Condominios Amigable

User friendly

Our condominium management software features friendly technology and an intuitive interface anyone can navigate.

Servicio personalizado para administracion de condominios

Personalized service

Count on personalized advice whenever you need it from our condo management specialists.

How to use a condo management software?

¿Cómo usar un programa de administración de condominios?

Neivor is a mobile application that simplifies the management of the administrator and board members. It makes financial tasks easy and reduces time in the execution of activities. 

Residents can pay maintenance fees and reserve amenities from their mobile. Also they can register their visitors with QR codes and send maintenance requests.

Owners, administrators, management companies and residents are connected in the same app to manage condos. They can strengthen the security of the condo and organize finances transparently thanks to friendly and reliable technology.

If you are interested in acquiring Neivor, register your information in the form to request a demo. Once this happens, one of our condo management specialists will contact you as soon as possible.

Experts in condominium
property management

We help you simplify condominium property management in an intelligent way. Book a demo today so you can discover Neivor and provide the best experience to your hoa management.

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